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OES2 SP3 breaks CIFS on 64-Bit (Error -1660)

The NMAS method in OES2 SP2 is called Windows Native File Access, in OES2 SP3 is is called cisfslinlsm. Upgrading OES2 SP2 (64-Bit) broke system Confirm See in /var/log/cifs/cifs.log & Run ndstrace to confirm as well (Select NMAS as option) Steps to correct: 1.  Remove NMAS Login Method Windows Native File Access 2.  Add back CIFSLINLM nmas login method I used this file to recreate /opt/novell/cifs/share/nmasmthd/ntlm/config.txt using nmasinst -addmethod wells.context TreeName /usr/novell/sys/PUBLIC/NMAS/METHODS/CIFS2/config.txt -h ServerIP In […]