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UniFi – How do I move UAPs between sites?

Answer By default when you add a new AP to your UniFi Controller it will be adopted using the default site. Then, if you want to move it to another site, you can do that following these steps: 1) Go to the Access Point tab 2) Find the Access Point you want to move to another site, and open the Properties tab (click on the device’s MAC address or the name for the UAP to […]

What happens when Guest portal enabled with VLAN

What happens when Guest portal enabled with VLAN When guest portal is enabled, the controller acts as a portal server and the guests will be redirected to http://unifi_ip:unifi_http_portal_port/guest/. This is where the issues may arise – guest is on vlan3, bridged to DMZ, there’s no way it can reach unifi_ip:unifi_http_portal_port. In the scenario above, one solution to the problem is to add rules to your router 1. add route for traffic from DMZ->unifi_ip 2. allow […]