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Exporting a GroupWise Address Book

Exporting a GroupWise Address Book • GroupWise can export addresses in two different formats: .NAB (Novell Address Book) and .VCF (vCard format). • The .NAB format is preferred for exporting GroupWise Address Books. NAB files are comma-delimited which gives you the most flexibility to import into other mail programs, such as Microsoft Outlook. In addition, .NAB files are more accurate than .VCF. • NAB files can be opened in any text editor, Microsoft Word, Microsoft […]

Socket Error Groupwise 8

<strong>Socket Error GroupWise 8</strong><img title=”Socket Error Groupwise 8″ src=”” alt=”Socket Error Groupwise 8″ width=”293″ height=”167″ /> Your GroupWise account has the extra voice mail account added, if you acidently change the from address in a email to your Voice mail account you will get the Unknown Socket error.

GroupWise 8 Abend

3-16-09 Removed address space because memory protection violation Address Space: POA Reason: Page fault, Attempt to read from non-present page The Dark Times 1 of 4 7/1/2009 3:38 PM Running Thread: GWTCP-VOL-Handler-21 EIP: OxF455C333 (GWENN5.NLM +Ox81C33) Access Location: OxAf2C6158 Resolve: Load MTA & POA into Protected Memory