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Exporting a GroupWise Address Book

Exporting a GroupWise Address Book • GroupWise can export addresses in two different formats: .NAB (Novell Address Book) and .VCF (vCard format). • The .NAB format is preferred for exporting GroupWise Address Books. NAB files are comma-delimited which gives you the most flexibility to import into other mail programs, such as Microsoft Outlook. In addition, .NAB files are more accurate than .VCF. • NAB files can be opened in any text editor, Microsoft Word, Microsoft […]

Interview Sales People Questions

Interview Sales People Questions 1. How do you get leads? 2. What makes a successful salesperson? 3. How do you deal with failures in cold calling? 4. What are the keys to a successful sales effort over the long term? 5. How do you develop trust in new customers? 6. How do you deal with failure? 7. How do you penetrate certain markets? 8. Explain you past jobs in relation to sales? 9. you have […]

rinetd configuration

· rinetd configuration Rinetd is a very generic proxy. Configuration is in /etc/rinetd.conf, for example: 80 80 will forward all traffic addresses to the 194 address to the 192 address. Access can be denied: deny 141.73.21.* Restart using rcrinetd restart

Socket Error Groupwise 8

<strong>Socket Error GroupWise 8</strong><img title=”Socket Error Groupwise 8″ src=”” alt=”Socket Error Groupwise 8″ width=”293″ height=”167″ /> Your GroupWise account has the extra voice mail account added, if you acidently change the from address in a email to your Voice mail account you will get the Unknown Socket error.

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