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GroupWise 2012 Vacation Rule

Windows, Mac and Linux Click Tools > Vacation Rule. Tick the “Activate my vacation rule” checkbox. If you don’t do that, none of the rest of this matters. (Seriously, this is the biggest gotcha in the whole process.) Write a Subject line.Something like “Away from office” is a bit more professional than “Scuba Diving in the Bahamas” – but do what you want here.  Security Tip: We have heard of people’s homes being robbed because […]

GroupWise 8 to GroupWise 2012 Notes

Delete Webaccess in Consoleone Delete Webaccess objects under Context in which Webaccess was installed Update Dom –> PO Make sure Domain Names & Post Office Names match Make sure DC files get upgraded to domain & Make sure DC files get upgraded to PO gwdom.dc, gwpo.dc, ngwguard.dc, and wphost.dc Update OFVIEWS  gets update on PO for  Client